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 +====== KnowRob Development in CRC EASE ======
 +The [[https://​ai.uni-bremen.
 +de|Institute for Artificial Intelligence]] (IAI), led by Prof. Michael Beetz at the University of Bremen,
 +is leading the Collaborative Research Center
 +(CRC) Everyday Activity Science and Engineering (EASE), funded by the
 +German Research Foundation (DFG). ​
 +EASE is an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Bremen.
 +Its core purpose is to advance our understanding of how human-scale manipulation tasks
 +can be mastered by robotic agents.
 +To achieve this, EASE establishes the research area //Everyday Activity Science and Engineering//​
 +and creates a research community that
 +conducts open research, open training, open data, and knowledge sharing.
 +In-depth information on EASE research
 +can be found on the [[http://​ease-crc.org|website]].
 +{{ :​blog:​easetitelpresentation3.png?​direct&​600 |}}
 +EASE is composed of multiple phases. The current phase is the first phase where
 +the focus is on what is called //narrative enabled episode memories// (NEEMs).
 +NEEMs can be best envisioned as a very detailed story about an experience.
 +The story contains a narrative of what happened, but, in addition, low-level data
 +that represents //how it felt to make this experience//​.
 +The latter case is realized by storing huge amounts of sensor data that is coupled
 +with the narrative through time indexing.
 +The representation of such //​experiential knowledge// is key when statistical
 +models are to be trained that generalize over the highly situation depended
 +information contained in NEEMs.
 +The second phase, which supposedly starts in 2022, will focus more on
 +the generalization of acquired NEEMs.