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 +====== KnowRob at ICRA 2018 ======
 +We are proud to announce that the second generation of the KnowRob has been presented at ICRA'​18 in Brisbane Australia.
 +KnowRob was first introduced in 2009 [1] where Tenorth and Beetz argue that autonomous robot control demands KR&R systems that address several aspects that are commonly not sufficiently considered in AI KR&R systems, such as that robots need a more fine-grained action representation. This was pointed out early by Tenorth and Beetz [2] when they argued that service robots should be able to cope with (often) shallow and symbolic instructions,​ and to fill in the gaps to generate detailed, grounded, and (often) real-valued information needed for execution.
 +We have introduced the second generation of the KnowRob system at ICRA'​18 [3] where the focus of development has shifted towards the integration of simulation and rendering techniques into a hybrid knowledge processing architecture. The rational is to re-use components of the control program in virtual environments with physics and almost photorealistic rendering, and to acquire experiential knowledge from these sources. Experiential knowledge, called //narrative enabled episodic memory// in KnowRob, is used to draw conclusions about what action parametrization is likely to succeed in the real world (e.g., through learning methods) -- this principle is inspired by the simulation theory of cognition [4].
 +The architecture blueprint for KnowRob 2.0 is depicted below.
 +{{ :​blog:​knowledge-components3.png?​direct&​600 |}}
 +Displayed components exist at least prototypically,​ and will be elaborated more in future publications.
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