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 +====== A guide to the KnowRob repositories ======
 +The KnowRob ecosystem consists of several repositories,​ the role of each of which is outlined below:
 +  * **knowrob:​** Core stack, try to keep this as generic as possible (while it is a bit overfit to household scenarios for historical reasons, it should mostly contain code and data that can be used for household, outdoor, underwater and other robotics)
 +  * **knowrob_addons:​** Miscellaneous packages that are less mature or less generic than those in KnowRob
 +  * **knowrob_dev:​** Formerly internal development repository, currently contains the [[/​doc/​mesh_reasoning|CAD model reasoning methods]]
 +  * **knowrob_gui:​** Graphical editors for semantic maps and action recipes
 +  * **knowrob_human:​** Tools for reasoning about human data, developed for the TUM Kitchen Data Set and possibly outdated
 +  * **knowrob_tutorials:​** Tutorial package: first steps, perception integration
 +===== Guidelines =====
 +  * All packages in all repositories are supposed to compile at any time in order not to break the build for anyone. If you plan longer-term changes that result in a broken state in between, please create a temporary branch or your own fork, but merge it back as soon as possible.
 +  * Package naming: Please use knowrob_* instead of the older comp_* (with computables) or mod_* (for generic modules). Since there are no stacks any more, all packages live in the same namespace, so each should have a unique and meaningful name.
 +  * Package layout: Please follow the guidelines described [[/​doc/​create_your_own_knowrob_package|here ]]