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 ====== KnowRob documentation ====== ====== KnowRob documentation ======
 +**NOTE** At the moment, many of the tutorials won't work with the current master branch. The reason is that the KnowRob code has migrated to the foundational ontology [[https://​github.com/​ease-crc/​dul|DUL]]. In addition, many activity-related concepts are now defined in the [[https://​github.com/​ease-crc/​ease_ontology|EASE ontology]], and have been deleted from **knowrob.owl** (which is now restricted to robot-related concepts). There were many good reasons to do this breaking change such as better organization of ontologies according to generality of concepts, the removal of free Cyc, better compatibility to other knowledge-based systems, and many more. 
 ===== Getting started ===== ===== Getting started =====