New editor for task specifications

We have created a graphical editor for task specifications (called “action recipes” in the RoboEarth project). The manual creation of these specifications can be tedious task and requires rather deep knowledge of the OWL language. It is also prone to errors like incorrect transition specifications or wrong action arguments. The graphical editor is intended to speed up the creation and update of action recipes. It further serves as compact visualization of an action recipe and as supervision interface during task execution.

The following image gives an overview of its interface. In the top row, there are three groups of buttons for loading recipes from RoboEarth, for saving them back, and for starting the execution on the UNR Platform. The bottom left area visualizes the task specification, i.e. the single actions, their respective properties, and the transitions between them (whose type is visualized by different colors – green for 'OK', red for 'ERROR'). The two groups of form elements on the right-hand side describe properties of the recipe as a whole. The base IRI defines the name space of the OWL elements that are part of the recipe; the default value can be kept here. The other forms are described below.