Refactoring of visualization code

The visualization infrastructure in KnowRob had grown a lot over the past years and had partly become somewhat messy, so some refactoring was needed. In rev. 958, several changes have been merged back into trunk. If you are just using the packages mod_vis and knowrob_common, no changes should be necessary. If you direclty use the classes in these packages, you will likely need to update your name spaces and possibly the locations of .jar file references. A summary of the main changes:

  • Created a hierarchy of classes for OWL elements (classes, instances,…) and methods for reading/writing them from/to Prolog and OWL files
  • Moved generic functionality into knowrob_common (Prolog interface, common queries, resource retriever)
  • New PlanVisAppletFsm for visualizing state-machine like action specifications; the old applet is still available and can be used for legacy plan specifications
  • Added several other applets for editing OWL information to mod_vis * Tidied up old namespaces and class names (e.g. fipm, StandaloneKitchenVisApplet) For a detailed summary, please have a look at the commits in the vis-refactoring branch.